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Ryesgade 106 2nd
DK-2100 Copenhagen
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Hovmosevej 17
DK-3400 Hilleroed

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Vat. no. DK 275 55799


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Terms for yogapass for a limited number of classes

  • Your membership is personal and cannot be sold or transferred to anyone else.
  • The membership begins on the day you buy it and allows you to join all drop-in yoga classes.
  • Purchase of a membership is binding and no refund is given.
A single class is valid for 30 days from the day you pay. The 30-day period is definitive, cannot be suspended and cannot be extended.

A yogapass for 3x practice must be used within 3 months; a yogapass for 9x or 18x practice must be used within 6 months; and a yogapass for 54x practice must be used within 1 year from the day you pay. The period may include days when the yoga shala is closed due to public holidays, holiday season, or workshops.

If you skip one or more classes in one week you are welcome to catch up in another week within the membership period. Attendance is registered. No refund is given for unused classes. If you have classes left in your yogapass when the expiry date is closing in, we offer to transfer unused classes to a new yogapass as long as 1) you buy the new yogapass before the old one expires, and 2) you remember to send an email to when you have purchased the new membership to kindly ask us to make the transfer. We need minimum 3 days notice, i.e. buy the new yogapass minimum 3 days before the old one expires. If you buy a new yogapass after the old one expired we can no longer move old surplus classes.

If you become pregnant your yogapass can be suspended once for maximum 2 months effective from 3 days after we receive a written notification, so that you can rest if need be in your first trimester. If you can document illness of long duration or injury with a doctor's certificate your yogapass can be suspended once for maximum 6 months effective from 3 days after we receive a copy of the doctor's certificate. The on-hold period is definitive and cannot be changed when it has started. Apart from pregnancy, illness of long duration and injury a yogapass for a limited number of classes cannot be suspended.

You can contact us via email to .

You practice in the yoga shala/school at your own risk and responsibility. Listen to yourself and your body, respect your body's peculiarities and limitations, and have faith in your own sense of right and wrong. Ask us if you are in doubt – our competent teachers are always ready for an individual talk and willing to explain a detail. Be aware of how far you can go into every single pose. Be patient. If you have particular health issues, please consult your doctor before you start or resume the practice.
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