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Ryesgade 106 2nd
DK-2100 Copenhagen
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Hovmosevej 17
DK-3400 Hilleroed

telephone hours & number
Vat. no. DK 275 55799


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Terms for subscription membership

  • Your membership is personal and cannot be sold or transferred to anyone else.
  • The membership begins on the day you buy it and allows you to join all drop-in yoga classes.
  • Purchase of a membership is binding and no refund is given.
With a subscription membership you can join an unlimited number of yoga classes on a monthly basis. The subscription can begin on any day of the month and is without binding, i.e. if you wish you can terminate the subscription on the same day you started it (in which case you only pay once in connection with your registration cf. below).

On the day of your registration you pay for:
  • The rest of the month.
  • One month membership prepaid, which will cover for practice in the month after you terminate your subscription cf. below. In lack of a better word we call it a "deposit", but this "deposit" cannot be refunded.
Our payment system will automatically show the correct price when you register.

Afterwards you pay monthly in advance on the first day of the month. Payment is automatically withdrawn from your account, so you need not do anything further until you wish to terminate the subscription.

We will send you a confirmation/receipt for your new subscription via email. Make sure that you can receive emails from (check your spam filter if the email doesn't arrive). On the first day of every month you will also get a receipt when the monthly payment is done.

We offer discount on subscription to fulltime students and fulltime unemployed. In connection with your registration for this type of subscription you must send electronic documentation that confirms that you are entitled to discount (e.g. copy of student card or documentation for fulltime unemployment) to . You will only be able to check in to three classes before we receive your documentation. If we do not have your documentation by the time of your next automatic subscription payment, your subscription will change status to regular and we will also collect the difference between discount "deposit" and regular "deposit". Therefore, you must immediately send us your electronic documentation to avoid extra payment if you buy your discounted subscription just before a new month begins, e.g. on the last day of a month! We can anytime request documentation that you are still entitled to the discount. In addition, it is your duty to inform us about termination or drop out of you studies, if you start working again, etc., after which you are automatically transferred to regular subscription at the beginning of the next month and charged the difference in "deposit".

Term of notice is current month plus one month. You terminate your subscription via your profile page. You cannot terminate your subscription by sending an email. You can terminate your subscription until 23:59 on the last day of the month and the automatic payments will stop at the next change of month. You are still a member – and can practice unlimited – for another month; your payment during this last month is the "deposit" you paid when you first registered.

Your subscription can be put on hold/suspended (e.g. during holidays, pregnancy, etc.) for up to 3 months per calendar year, 1, 2, or 3 whole months at a time, possibly a 'crooked' month (ex. 19 July to 18 August) but not part of a month (ex. 19 July to 4 August; ex. 19 July to 10 September) and effective from the next day or later. Subscription cannot be suspended in retrospect. You enter the start date and length of suspension via your profile page and the end date will appear automatically. You cannot suspend your subscription by sending an email. You cannot register for yoga classes while your subscription is suspended. If you have used your subscription to sign up for classes in the suspension period you will automatically be signed off these classes. Suspension cannot be cancelled once it has started – if you change your mind and wish to sign up for a class anyway in that period, you must buy another yogapass or pay for single classes. You can still register for courses and workshops while your subscription is suspended. If you can document illness of long duration or injury with a doctor's certificate your yogapass can be suspended once for maximum 6 months effective from 3 days after we receive a copy of the doctor's certificate. If you terminate your subscription prior to a suspension period this will automatically be cancelled. You cannot terminate your subscription while it is suspended.

Everybody with a credit card that the payment system can accept can register for subscription. Remember in your yoga profile to change credit card if you change your bank, bank account, payment card (e.g. if the old got stolen), etc. Then you will have to pay once manually with your new payment card via your profile page to continue your subscription.

When you make changes to your subscription (status changing discount/regular, suspension, new payment card, termination) you will receive a confirmation via email.

Notice: We do not keep any information about payment card numbers, expiry dates and codes in our system.

You can contact us via email to .

You practice in the yoga shala/school at your own risk and responsibility. Listen to yourself and your body, respect your body's peculiarities and limitations, and have faith in your own sense of right and wrong. Ask us if you are in doubt – our competent teachers are always ready for an individual talk and willing to explain a detail. Be aware of how far you can go into every single pose. Be patient. If you have particular health issues, please consult your doctor before you start or resume the practice.
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