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Søren Vejby


  • I started practicing yoga in 2002 at the Scandinavian School of Yoga and Meditation. In 2003 I started to practice Astanga yoga at the Astanga Yoga School on Vesterbrogade and in a few years got a daily practice. I started teaching in 2007. And in 2012-13 I completed the yoga teacher training (RYT200) at YOGAMUDRA. That training has done a lot - both for my own practice and for my teaching. And conveying yoga is a great privilege.


  • I have a daily practice of meditation and a daily yoga practice. And it is primarily Astanga I indulge in on the yoga mat. But as I constantly try to be open and try something new - to have a beginner's mind - and also teach in Hatha where I incorporate Yin elements, I also like to do for example a classic Sivananda Hatha practice now and then. The most important thing for me is to work more and more towards an honesty in my practice - so I notice and let yoga strengthen my mind and my body, instead of pushing too much to get into a difficult pose. Yoga provides space in the body - and thereby also in the mind.


  • Yoga is for everyone. And yoga can meet you where you are right now. All positions can be modified to suit you and your body. No days are the same, and the most important thing is to create an awareness, so that yoga helps you and strengthens you, opens you and gives you renewed energy - and not the other way around. The key to this is especially the breathing, so I focus a lot on that in my teaching. Yoga must be experienced. By you. You and you alone can notice what yoga feels like in you, and I always seek as a teacher to guide and help in the best possible way, so that you as a student - and fellow yogi - get the most out of the teaching. I love getting questions after a lesson or maybe at Messenger or mail so that I myself can get better and better at teaching and constantly can learn more about what yoga is.

Other background

  • Yep, it's me from the TV series The Protectors. I am an educated actor from the National Danish Theatre School in 2002 and a trained journalist from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in 2016. Among other things, I have worked as director and host on the program series Kokainens Pris (DR, 2013) and Unge i Nattens Kløer (Kanal 5, 2017). I'm still active as an actor and journalist, if it can fit into my work as a yoga teacher. I have also written two books, Upcoming (2012) and The True Victory (2016).
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