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Oplevelser i vente

Workshop med Kathy Ornish (USA), 8-9. sep. 2018

Prison Yoga Project med James Fox (USA), 21-23. sep. 2018

Mindful Strength workshop med Kathryn Bruni-Young (Canada), 3-4. nov. 2018

Meditationsworkshop med Martine Batchelor (FR), 4-5. maj 2019

Astanga yoga workshop med Kino MacGregor (USA), 7-8. sep. 2019




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25. juni 2018

Kære ven af YOGAMUDRA! Dear friend of YOGAMUDRA,


"Happiness is like a butterfly,
the more you chase it,
the more it will evade you,
but if you notice the other things around you,
it will gently come
and sit on your shoulder.
- Henry David Thoreau
Vi holder ÅBENT HELE SOMMEREN - og glæder os til at se dig på yogamåtten! Sommerskemaet gælder fra nu og frem til 15. august. 

We are OPEN ALL SUMMER - and look forward to welcoming you on the yoga mat! The summer schedule will run until 15 August.

Husk tilmelding til klasser
Vi har brug for at vide, at der er nogle elever, der gerne vil have de klasser, vi tilbyder. Derfor opfordrer vi varmt til, at du reserverer plads på forhånd - og minimum 4 timer før klassestart - via skema for at sikre dig, at din yndlingsyogaklasse bliver gennemført som planlagt.

Remember to register for class
We need to know that students will be showing up for the classes that we offer. Therefore we strongly recommend, that you reserve space in advance - and minimum 4 hours before class begins - via schedule to ensure that your favourite yoga class is taught as planned.

Furthermore, we would like to highlight some amazing guest teachers that will visit our studio later this year! We are truly grateful to the Universe for sending these beautiful people our way - and we hope that you will join us to learn new aspects of the practice we all love:

MINDFUL breath, MINDFUL movement with Kathy Ornish, 8-9 Sep. (in English)
How can we make the physical postures, asana, stronger and deeper without pushing harder? Through our asana practice, how can we prepare our minds and bodies for meditation? Through lecture and practice, come deepen your understanding of: 
  • How to use the breath to mobilize the spine during asana.
  • How to use different arm and leg positions in a pose to intensify and personalize the pose to your body and your needs.
  • How to use breath control in asana to amplify the structural effects, create energetic shifts, and to deepen attention.
Kathy is a certified yoga therapist (c-IAYT) and a certified yoga teacher (E-RYT-500). She has a studio, in East Lansing, Michigan, where she practices yoga therapy and conducts group classes. Kathy also serves as Senior Faculty at Gary Kraftsow's American Viniyoga Institute where she is Faculty Specialist in the Viniyoga Foundations Program for Teaching and Yoga Therapy.

The workshop is for everybody, regardless of favourite yoga style. Minimum three months of regular practice recommended, but you certainly do not have to be super flexible or super strong to attend! Just bring an open mind and willingness to explore.

Taught in English. Read more and/or sign upStudio: Ryesgade.

Prison YOGA Project workshop with James Fox, 21-23 Sep. (in English)
The Prison Yoga Project (PYP) is a non-profit organization headquartered in California with the mission of establishing yoga programs for prisoners and others impacted by trauma. Since 2011, PYP has trained 2,000 teachers in its trauma informed, mindfulness based methodology and replicated its program to more than 230 jails and prisons in the U.S., and also in Mexico, Canada, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands and Great Britain. 

James Fox, founder and director of the PYP and author of "Yoga, A Path for Healing and Recovery", will lead the event. This unique weekend workshop is intended for anyone interested in bringing yoga to underserved or at-risk populations and will include:
  • PYP's evidence-based, trauma informed methodology for applying yoga and mindfulness practices to improve the mental, emotional and physical well-being of those impacted by trauma.
  • Strategies for presenting and establishing yoga classes in institutional settings including correctional facilities, refugee centers and military veterans programs.
  • An in depth orientation for teaching yoga in the unique socio-cultural environment of prisons.
  • Instruction in specific asana, pranayama and meditation practices that have been proven effective with people impacted by trauma including prisoners. 
Since 2002, James has taught yoga and meditation to prisoners at San Quentin Prison in California and many other U.S. correctional facilities. He is trained in a variety of traditional yoga and meditation disciplines, as well as in providing yoga practices for addiction recovery and the dissociative effects of trauma. He has developed a special program for incarcerated military veterans suffering from PTSD.

James has dedicated his career to bringing the mental and emotional health benefits of yoga and meditation to at-risk populations. In addition to his work with adult prisoners he has lengthy experience teaching at-risk youth in detention, at a residential treatment facility and for inner city community programs. He established a yoga curriculum for the Peacebuilders Initiative, an annual week-long summer intensive for Chicago teenagers that develops community leadership, conflict resolution and peacemaking skills. 

Taught in English. Read more and/or sign upStudio: Ryesgade.

Mindful STRENGTH workshop with Kathryn Bruni-Young, 3-4 Nov. (in English)
Kathryn has been teaching yoga and movement for over a decade. Her love of physicality and movement led her to Astanga yoga, which she practiced with her mother, Diane Bruni, and Richard Freeman during her teen years. In her early twenties Kathryn experienced a couple of injuries, which began her lifelong exploration of how the body works, and how strength, and mindfulness together can be healing. She worked with movement teacher Ido Portal, which began her journey into strength and functional movement. Mindful Strength is the culmination of years of training in different fields including joint preparation, biomechanics, mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, weightlifting, bodyweight strength, Pilates, and yoga.

Kathryn is passionate about helping her students feel more confident in their bodies, and more embodied in their practice. Her weekend workshop is accessible to different types of practitioners, and different levels. Time will be spent on the floor, practicing, talking about key principles, breaking movements down into details, and playful creative movement.

Taught in English. Read more and/or sign upStudio: Ryesgade.

Vi glæder os til at se dig snart igen.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.


Hjertevarme yogahilsner,


Bodil, Peter og team


YOGAMUDRA, Ryesgade 106 2. sal, 2100 København Ø

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