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Oplevelser i vente


Meditationsworkshop med Martine Batchelor (FR), 4-5. maj 2019

Yoga workshop med Chuck Miller (US), 20-24. maj 2019

Astanga yoga workshop med Kino MacGregor (USA), 7-8. sep. 2019

Yogaferie på Sicilien med Bodil & Peter, 12-19. okt. 2019

Mindful strength workshop med Kathryn Bruni-Young (Canada), 2-3. nov. 2019




Seneste nyhedsbrev

20. april 2019

Kære ven af YOGAMUDRA! Dear friend of YOGAMUDRA,


"The quieter you become
the more you can hear."
- Ram Dass

We have two very experienced and very inspirational teachers visiting us in Copenhagen in May, and we hope that you are joining us:

MEDITATION workshop with Martine Batchelor - 4-5 May
Martine has been studying Zen Buddhism and meditation since the mid 1970'ies. She lived as a Buddhist nun in Korea; since worked as a lecturer and spiritual counsellor both at Gaia House and elsewhere in Britain; has published numerous books about Buddhism, Zen and meditation; and is now living in France with her husband Stephen, with whom she co-leads meditation retreats worldwide. She is interested in meditation in daily life, Buddhism and social action, religion and women's issues, Zen and its history, factual and legendary.

Join us if you would like to kick-start a meditation practice - or if you would like new insights and fresh perspectives to deepen your existing practice! You are not required to be able to sit in lotus pose on a meditation cushion - chairs are available, too, to make Martine's great teachings accessible to everyone. 

The theme of Martine's workshop this year is "walking the path to a fruitful life - cultivating the eightfold path in daily life". During this weekend we will explore appropriate vision, intention, action, speech, livelihood, mindfulness, effort and concentration, to look at the meditative path in all its complexities and to practice the beneficial tools of mindfulness in all aspects of our lives.

Taught in English. Read more and/or sign up. Studio: Østerbro/Ryesgade.

YOGA workshop with Chuck Miller - 20-24 May
Chuck has been practicing yoga earnestly since 1971. He met K. Pattabhi Jois in 1980 and studied intensively with him for over 18 years, including numerous extended and familial encounters in America and nearly two years spent in visits to Mysore in South India. Chuck continued studying intermittently with Jois until his death in 2009. A yoga teacher since 1988, Chuck is a former Director of Astanga Yoga and co-owned the original Yoga Works in Santa Monica, CA, for over 16 years. 

Chuck enjoys teaching with a focus on the holistic nature of Astanga yoga, presenting it as a philosophical system as well as a strong practical method. Chuck is known for his gentle but deliberate hands-on adjustments, which are both reassuring and challenging.
This 5-day workshop intensive offers the opportunity of diving deep into the essence of Astanga yoga. We can uncover hidden gems and master keys of this great practice that enable us to meet the challenges we discover along the way. There are a relatively small number of essential principals, philosophically and practically, that if understood can help inform our focus and directed efforts in a way that is sustainable, fun, healthy and spiritually rewarding.
We can use this great practice to reveal hidden truths that help us in all that we do as humans, individually and collectively. To better see ourselves and thus reveal to us our purpose here on Earth. To help push this wheel of the evolution of consciousness to higher realms of human potential, generation by generation.
In these 5 days we will have time in the mornings to practice, following the traditional Astanga yoga sequence in a manner that absolutely everybody can participate. Afternoons we have time for Q&A and more detailed exploration.

Taught in English. Read more and/or sign up. Studio: Østerbro/Ryesgade.

Vi glæder os til at se dig snart igen. 

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Hjertevarme yogahilsner,


Bodil, Peter og team


YOGAMUDRA i byen, Ryesgade 106 2. sal, 2100 København Ø
YOGAMUDRA i skoven, Hovmosevej 17, Gadevang, 3400 Hillerød

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