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Jens-Henrik Bak Hansen


  • I entered my first yoga class in January 2008, and by coincidence it was Ashtanga vinyasa yoga with Jeppe Juul Christensen and team as teachers. I am grateful that I from the very beginning and persistently have been privileged with very competent teachers. It was the physical aspect of the practice that caught my attention - at the same time to be challenged on pulse, strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance, and to become so wonderfully tired and receive guided relaxations at the end of class! The importance of yoga in my life has only increased since then.


  • I have been practicing Ashtanga vinyasa yoga at YOGAMUDRA since May 2009, and I have been in workshops with Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldman, Nicolaj Jespersen, Stefan Engström, Richard Freeman, Michael Stone, Paul Dallaghan, Irene Eisler, and David Swenson. All of these people have had a great impact, and I gratefully and fondly recall them.


  • Astanga vinyasa yoga.
  • I have completed YOGAMUDRA's 250+ hour yoga teacher training 2011/2012.
  • I emphasize "safety first" in order to avoid injury, e.g. by reminding you the yoga is not a competition and by encouraging you to give your body the right of veto, always and persistently.

Other background

  • BSc Chemical Engineering.
  • I have worked as a chemical engineer for 30+ years primarily with research and development within heterogeneous catalysis and heavy chemical industry. I am now enjoying a year off that started in November 2011.
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