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Hatha yoga | Drop-in

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Class description

Yoga for everybody. These are generally gentle, slow-paced classes, and we explore the versatility of yoga. Balancing opposites is the essence of Hatha yoga - every class will include both dynamic and more static sequences; we aim at balancing flexibilty and stability; and a part of the class will be inspired by Yin yoga and Restorativ yoga. So even if the Hatha classes are gentle, they may also include elements for strength, and these are of course always adjusted to suit the student's needs.

Presenting the versatility of yoga in the Hatha classes also implies that we will give time and space to work with pranayama and meditation. In pranayama we create space and freedom in the breath, and this has a calming, soothing effect on the nerveous system. In meditation you will start to become aware of how the mind works and through this gain more calm and clarity.  


Hatha yoga is suitable if you have practiced Pregnancy yoga and/or Mum & baby yoga. If you want to slow all the way down, you may also want to try Hatha & yoganidra and/or Yin yoga.

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