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Ryesgade 106 2nd
DK-2100 Copenhagen
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Hovmosevej 17
DK-3400 Hilleroed

telephone hours & number
Vat. no. DK 275 55799


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Before first visit

We kindly request that you create a profile in advance and arrive early for your first class. Many thanks.


Read our guide for new students here



Membership, single class, courses, and workshops are easily bought on-line via pricesYou can then pre-register for class via schedule

Arrive at least 15 minutes before class if you would like to pay in the shala. Without on-line payment, you cannot pre-register. 

Check in for class is mandatory when you arrive. 


We look forward to see you.



BodilPeter & team

Class booking

Before you can reserve space in a drop-in class (e.g. AstangaHatha & meditation, Hatha & yoganidraIyengar, Personal practice, or Yin) you must buy a membership or a single class. This you do at prices. Even before that you must create a profile and/or log in.

To reserve space in a course (e.g. Pregnancy yoga, Yoga for birth with partner, or Mum & baby yoga) you simply pay for that course, that is all. You need not pre-register for the single classes in you course via our schedule. I.e. payment = registration.

When can you register?
You can pre-register for yoga classes in this week and the next four weeks via schedule where all scheduled yoga classes are shown including possible alterations (e.g. due to public holidays, low season / holiday time, workshops, etc.).


Students that have pre-registered have priority for booked spaces until 5 minutes before the start of the yoga class. After this time all unused spaces are released to the drop-in pool, i.e. students that take the chance to show up without pre-registration.

You can at no cost pre-register and then cancel your pre-registration until 4 hours before the class begins. When this deadline is passed pre-registration is binding, and if you do not turn up for class you will pay a charge cf. below for missing check in.

You cancel pre-registrations via your yoga profile. It is not possible to cancel by sending us an email or by phoning.

When must you turn up for class?
If you have pre-registered for a yoga class you must check in at the latest 5 minutes before the class starts. Otherwise, your space is released to the drop-in pool and you risk having to pay a charge cf. below. Unless, of course, you get a space from the drop-in pool!

If you haven't pre-registered for a yoga class you can also register by turning up in the shala. In this case you must have changed your clothes and be ready for check in 5 minutes before the start of the yoga class. It is possible to check in earlier if there are any free spaces. All free/unused spaces are distributed on a first-to-appear-first-to-check-in principle.

If you don't turn up and/or do not check in?
If you have pre-registered for a yoga class, failed to cancel your pre-registration within the deadline, and don't turn up for class, or if you participate but forget to check in, you pay as follows:

  • If you have a yoga pass for a limited number of classes you pay with one class, which is automatically withdrawn from your membership cf. you profile.
  • If you have a subscription (regular or student) you pay a 20 DKK charge, which will appear from your profile and be collected together with the next monthly payment.
  • If you have a yoga pass for 30 days or less the expiry date will be brought forward with 1 day and this will appear from your profile.
  • If you have a yoga pass for 1 year the expiry date will be brought forward with 2 days and this will appear from your profile.

We encourage you to cancel well in advance if you decide not to join a yoga class that you have pre-registered for. For the sake of you – and out of consideration for fellow students that would like to take your space.

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