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Vat. no. DK 275 55799


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Before first visit

We kindly request that you create a profile in advance and arrive early for your first class. Many thanks.


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Membership, single class, courses, and workshops are easily bought on-line via pricesYou can then pre-register for class via schedule

Arrive at least 15 minutes before class if you would like to pay in the shala. Without on-line payment, you cannot pre-register. 

Check in for class is mandatory when you arrive. 


We look forward to see you.



BodilPeter & team

Corona | Covid-19 guidelines

In connection with the reopening of the yoga studio, we will do our utmost to provide you with a safe and sound and great experience with yoga.

Our actions include the following:

Number of participants
We allow a maximum of 7+6 students per class in two completely separate groups. As a result, everyone in the practice space has a lot more than the 4 m2 per person prescribed by the authorities, and we ensure that we can keep a minimum of 2 m from nose tip to nose tip. Our practice space is approx. 90 m2 large.

Fixed mat spaces
We have marked 17 mat spaces on the floor with tape, indicating where students and teacher should place their yoga mats.

We clean daily. Contact points such as handles, sockets, taps, toilet flush are cleaned between all classes.

We have plenty of hand soap and hand alcohol available, and paper towels have been put forward for wiping hands after hand washing. We will not use towels for a while.

In the coming period, it is the teacher who checks the students in for the class. Thus, we limit the number of fingers on the mouse and keyboard. SHOW UP MINIMUM 5 MIN. BEFORE CLASS START, THANK YOU.

Changing room
We keep these spaces closed. On the other hand, space has been made for storing students' belongings in the practice space.

Mantra and OM

Yoga Equipment
All yoga mats and yoga blankets are put away. Yoga blocks and straps are available, but we recommend that they not be used.

When you come to yoga, please observe the following:

Common sense
Stay home if you have the slightest signs of illness. Cough in the sleeve - not in the hand. Maintain good hand hygiene. We will ask you to wash your fingers as soon as you arrive at the yoga studio.

Please sign up for classes from home. Partly so you don't go in vain for one of the limited number of spaces. Partly so that your name appears on the list of participants and thus the teacher can easily check you in to the class.

Need to buy / renew membership eg. clip card, then do it from home.

You show up more than 5 minutes before class start so the teacher can use your pre-registration to check you in.

You are requested to wash your hands as soon as you arrive at the yoga studio.

Changing room
You will need to shop up in your yoga clothes as the changing rooms will be closed for a period of time. The same goes for the bathing facilities. We have made space for your belongings inside the practice space.

You must bring
1. Yoga mat. We have no yoga mats to lend in the coming weeks and months, and it is not possible to attend classes without yoga mats. You must bring your yoga mat to and from; unfortunately, we cannot store it for you(We have a limited number of yoga mats for sale.)

2. Towel. It will be possible to borrow a meditation cushion to sit on, but you must cover it with your towel before sitting down.

Other yoga equipment
We recommend that you do not use our yoga blocks and straps for the time being. If you choose to use any of this, you are requested to clean it thoroughly after use. If you would like to use an eye pillow and a blanket or similar for relaxation, you must bring your own. We do not currently make these available.

Unfortunately, we can't give you a hug again anytime soon, but we're really excited to see you again!

Warmly, Bodil og Peter

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