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Vinyasa yoga | Drop-ind

Look for * in the schedule for classes in English.

Class description 

Yoga for everybody. Flow class where the breath is a key element in linking up the postures.

The content in the Vinyasa yoga classes will vary from one class to the other and also depending on who is teaching:

  • Anne's vigorous classes are for everyone, who would like to be challenged on technique, mobility, strength, and body awareness as well as explore creative, playful sequences and transitions. Sometimes we explore a theme, e.g. back bends, or build up to a challenging "peak pose". In addition, you will always find an opening meditation, gentle warm-up, standing postures, relaxation and Savasana (resting pose). All postures and movements are linked together with integrity to increase body awareness, and to help you enter and exit the postures in a safe way. You will probably experience a heat in the body and drops of sweat on your forehead.
  • In Heidi's dynamic classes we move with the breath in a delicious flow in and out of various postures. The pace is somewhat faster than in most Hatha classes, and you will find more emphasis on the strengthening part of the practice. From time to time we will work with more challenging postures and explore the abilities of the body. If you enjoy creating heat and delicious movements in your whole body as well as working with strength, balance, and mobility, these classes are for you.


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