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Sound bath & meditation | Drop-in

Class description
You don't have to have any experience within sound baths to join this class. You actually don't have to do anything besides lying down in e.g. savasana (supine) to explore the power of the sounds. 

Our ears are open access to sound 24/7, which makes sound the perfect access point to meditation. We work with sound as a vibrational tool to 'tune' the mind and body from flight-and-flight (sympathetic nervous system) to rest-and-digest (parasympathetic nervous system). The sounds played stems from crystal bowls, tuning forks, chimes and other overtone instruments. 

Some days we will be working with our own sounds and voices to go deeper into the sound meditation. Some days we will just let the sounds 'do the work' for us.

A sound bath is not a new, trendy phenomenon - sound as therapy has been used for decades within different cultures and always with the same intention: To move from imbalance to balance. 

You don't need a swimsuit or goggles - you can join a sound bath in a suit, in high heels, leggings or whatever you are wearing; you are not getting wet, but being bathed in sounds. 

If this sounds interesting, then come join the class as you are, places yourself comfortably and feel how the vibrations from the sounds will create more balance to your body and mind.
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