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You can now register for my new Pregnancy yoga online 8-week course - in Danish! I have begun the process of translating and rerecording the material in English, and it should be available later this year. The course includes 22 hours of Pregnancy yoga, birth preparation and Birth yoga. Modules are release once a week, and after Week 8 you have access to all of the material for another 6 weeks, so that you can (re)watch the theory and do the practices many times.  

In my Pregnancy yoga "live" courses Autumn 2020 I will include parts of the video material from my online course (yes, in English) and we will meet in the yoga studio 6 times for Pregnancy yoga and Birth yoga. You will get access to e.g. videos about breathing and 3.5 hours of birth preparation (theory), that you must watch at home before the Birth yoga classes. I recommend watching these videos with your partner or the person that is going to support you during the birth.

Write to if you have any questions.

Look for * in the schedule for classes in English.


Pregnancy yoga is a wonderful tool that strengthens you physically and mentally as we work with body, breath, energy levels, emotions and insights.

  • You do exercises that strengthen your pregnant body without straining, boost your energy, and relieve common minor ailments during pregnancy.
  • Other practices help relieve stress and anxiety, and promote relaxation and restful sleep.
  • Your body awareness will increase and you learn to use your breath actively - both are invaluable tools for birth.
  • You will learn about birthing positions that optimize your baby's passage out, making it easier on both of you.
  • You will experience close contact to your baby and strengthen your emotional connection.
  • When you take care of yourself and your well-being you also give your baby the best start in life.

Pregnancy yoga is Hatha yoga optimized for the pregnant woman. It contains gentle postures, done in a slow pace, plus breath awareness, meditation, mantra and relaxation.



Pregnancy yoga does not require previous experience with yoga. All pregnant women can follow and benefit from the classes. It is okay to start practicing Pregnancy yoga in the first trimester. But it is also totally fine to rest in the first trimester (when you body is working hard to create the new life groing in your womb) and then start in the second or third trimester. You can practice Pregnancy yoga through to the birth.



You can sign up for the courses below, each including 6 "live" classes PLUS online video material.The courses are taught by Bodil, mother of three, certified yoga teacher, certified Pregnancy yoga teacher, doula and birth practitioner with many years of experience with Pregnancy yoga and Yoga for birth.

Max. 16 participants per course due to our corona | covid-19 guidelines.

  • Course no. 53A, Østerbro/Ryesgade 106, 
    • "Live" in the yoga studio, 16:30-18:00, 
      Thur. 29 Oct., Thur. 5 Nov., Thur. 12 Nov., Monday 16 Nov.* & Thur. 19 Nov.*, 26 Nov. 2020
      Will be taught in English, with translation into Danish as need be --
    • PLUS online video material, available in both Danish and English - you have access to this material from the date mentioned, until 15 Dec., and can see and revisit it as many times as you like:
      • 23 Oct. About the basics of good breathing, good posture, and great resting positions; mindful transitional movements; rectus diastase (split abdominal muscles) ect. - approx. 1.5 hours
      • 6 Nov. About two important breathing techniques - approx. 25 minutes
      • 6 Nov. Birth preparation incl. the importance of a good birthing experience, the stages of birth, the hormones of birth, and the birth culture in Denmark - approx. 3.5 hours - watch this as preparation for the Birth yoga classes marked with *

* Class with Birth yoga and based on birth preparation with my online videos about the start and phases of birth, anatomy and physiology/knowlegde about the birth hormones, birth culture, etc. In the Birth yoga classes you will gain reel knowledge and experience with how to use yoga (breath, movement, relaxation, etc.) during birth as pain relief and to ease baby to the earthside with the least complications. This class is without partner. We also offer Yoga for birth with partner from time to time.


Price and booking

53A (6 classes PLUS online video material, in all approx. 16 hours): 1,095 dkk.

To book a space: Click on log in in the menu above, create a profile and/or log in, then go to prices, and book/buy the course that you would like to attend. Your space is secured when we have received your payment.



Feel free to contact us at



"Hi, I just wanted to thank Bodil for the Gravidyoga sessions. I was there during spring last year, and gave birth to my daughter in early October. During the sessions with Bodil I learnt a lot about birth, the different phases, but most of all, how to trust the natural process of giving birth. It gave me a tool and a focus that I would never have had otherwise. I realised the importance of feeling safe and be in a nice environment which gave me a true feeling of calm when the day finally arrived. 
My daughter came on a Sunday, and I focused on the labour at home, in bed, feeling totally secure. Eventually it was time to go to the hospital and when I came there they examined me and I was open 10 cm. So, ready for delivery :-). It took a couple of more hours until she finally came, and I never felt any need for any pain relief or anything else. I was so focused, and I can honestly say that the pain was never a problem for me. I focused on the rest in between instead. Being so present in the moment really helped me, I was never scared or stressed, just very, very focused on the task. I could not have asked for a better delivery. I did it together with my husband, and my daughter, and she came out just perfect.
So thank you Bodil for learning me how to trust the natural process of giving birth and helping me understand the importance of feeling safe. Giving birth is such a bizarre but wonderful experience, and I'm so happy it turned out the way it did for me. Once again, thank you!
- Carima

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