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Personal practice | Drop-in

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Class description
The Personal practice classes are for everyone who already has a well-established yoga practice and everyone who would like to build one. 

The approach is flexible and you are welcome if: 

  • You have been attending classes regularly for a while, and now you feel ready - with guidance from a teacher - to build your own, personal practice. Starting from (but not necessarily sticking to) the Astanga yoga primary sequence we build, together and step-by-step, a practice that suits your needs. Over time it will increasingly be you, who take responsibility for modifying the practice. It is YOUR body and YOUR yoga practice, so the goal is that you become your own best teacher.
  • You have an established Astanga Mysore practice and would like support and guidance from a teacher. Within the structure of Astanga yoga there is room for making the practice personal, i.e. adapting it to your specific needs and challenges.
  • You have an established, which does not originate from Astanga yoga but maybe e.g. Vinyasa, Hatha or another yoga style. Maybe your practice changes from day to day. You have taken responsibility for making your practice personal. You know where the practice is challenging you, and you know how to make the practice safe. You would like to benefit from the energy you get from practicing in a room with others and from getting support and guidance from a teacher from time to time.  

You may receive support for a practice containing movement (asana) as well as breath work (pranayama) and meditation.

Even though the Personal practice classes are two hours long, your practice does not need to be two hours long. You start and finish your practice within the given time frame - so you are welcome also if you want to practice for an hour plus minus.

For it to make sense to join these classes you must have time and the intention of attending regularly. It is beneficial to also attend guided classes and practice at home.

These Personal practice classes have grown out of Peter's more than 15 years of teaching experience, playful attitude towards yoga and movement in general, and a wish to whole-heartedly give the authority back to you as a student of yoga. We always encourage our students - in all classes - to listen inside and modify the practice as need be. Here you will receive the support to do exactly that.

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