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Intro to YOGA | Course / drop-in

Look for * in the schedule for classes in English.

Intro to YOGA is a 75-minute class that you are welcome to join once or several times as you please.

You can buy the class as an individual course via Prices (remember to choose the correct date!). If you are already a member at the studio, you can use your subscription membership or yoga pass to reserve a space via Schedule - then you don't pay any extra.

We offer two types of Intro classes:

  • On Tuesdays Peter, one of the owners of the yoga studio, is teaching a general Intro to YOGA class. 
    • This class will give you a great introduction to how we teach yoga. You will get good, basic skills in relation to breathing and postures with good alignment - skills that you will benefit from in all of our yoga classes, regardless of yoga style. We work with breathing technique, sun salutations and a selection of standing, seated and inverted postures.
  • On Sundays you will find Intro classes that will prepare you for specific yoga styles:
You may join the Intro classes exactly as you please! You may choose one or some of those that interest you the most, or you may join them all. You are also welcome in the Intro classes if you have experience with yoga from elsewhere. Just come with an open mind and soak up the new information you will get!

At YOGAMUDRA we emphasize safety in the postures ("good alignment") so you don't harm yourself. And we emphasize modifications, the adaptation of postures to suit individual needs - the practice must suit you and not vice versa. 

Don't sign up for Intro to YOGAMUDRA if you are pregnant! Sign up for Yoga for pregnancy instead.

Feel free to read our guide: New at YOGAMUDRA.


Intro courses marked with (*) are taught in English, if international students sign up; otherwise in Danish. Intro courses without (*) are taught in Danish.

  • Intro to YOGA with Peter, Tuesdays 16:30-17:45
    • 10 Apr. 2018
    • 17 Apr. 2018
    • 1 May 2018
    • More dates are coming
  • Intro to Vinyasa yoga with Anne, Sundays 16:30-17:45
    • 29 Apr. 2018 (*)
    • 27 May 2018 (*)
  • Intro to Iyengar yoga with Henriette, Sundays 16:30-17:45
    • 8 Apr. 2018 (*)
    • 6 May 2018 (*)
  • Intro to Viniyoga with Jacob, Sundays 16:30-17:45
    • 22 Apr. 2018 (*)
    • 3 Jun. 2018 (*)
  • Intro to Astanga yoga with Jens-Henrik, Sundays 16:30-17:45
    • 13 May 2018 (*)
    • 17 Jun. 2018 (*)
  • If you cannot make it for any of these Intro to YOGA classes, you may join e.g. Astanga, gentle and/or Hatha & yoganidra classes - we promise to take good care of you! You are welcome to call us if in doubts of anything.   


It is not recommended to start practicing drop-in yoga while being pregnant.

What does it cost?

75 dkk., which is paid via Prices for a stand-alone class. If you already have a subscription membership or yogapass you book using that via Schedule.

Pre-registration is required

Deadline for registration for the SUnday classes as a course (75 dkk.) is Friday at midnight; if you want to sign up later you must buy/use a membership. Dearline for registration for the Tuesday classes is the same day (but preferably earlier so the teacher knows what to plan for

Can I get my payment back?

  • We refund full payment, if you cancel your pre-registration minimum 8 days in advance. After that pre-registration is binding.
  • We also refund full payment, if you buy a subscription membership or a 1-year yogapass no later than the same day as your Intro to YOGA class is taking place. Payment is returned 1-2 days after the class.
  • We do not refund payment if you buy a membership on the day after your Intro to YOGA class or later, if you buy a yogapass for a limited number of classes ("clip card") or less than 1 year, or if you decide not to continue practicing yoga with us.


Contact us at if you have any further questions.

We look forward to meeting you. :-)

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