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Hatha yoga | Drop-in

Look for * in the schedule for classes in English.

Class description

Yoga for everybody. Classes will always include breathing, movement, and relaxation. However, the specific content may vary from one class to the other and also depending on who is teaching:

  • In Heidi's classes we do delicious movements and stretch the hips and the back. We often focus on the shoulders, from time to time the neck, and work to release stress and tension, that may have built up through the week. Because it's a Friday afternoon class we start in a slow pace, practice some standing postures to warm up, then we work with some strengthening exercises, and then more delicious stretches for the body, followed by a deep relaxation. If you would like some help to let go of the working week and land in your self before the weekend, this class may very well be for you.
  • The breath is always playing a leading part in Bodil's classes and the movements are gentle, rhythmical, and deeply nourishing for body and mind. Your centre is central in these classes as is deep relaxation cf. Hatha & yoganidra.

Hatha yoga is suitable if you have practiced Pregnancy yoga and/or Mum & baby yoga.

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