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Cecilie Dahlin


  • I've got a bachelor's degree in Sound Design from Sonic College 2019.
  • I make music under the artist name CÉCI.
  • I've been living in London, where I in collaboration with the studio BLOK London developed and instructed a sound baths and meditation class.
  • I've always had an interest in sound and its effect on the body as I am highly sensitive to sound myself. As a part of my studies as a sound designer I began digging deeper into the healing power of sound in 2017. I experienced my first sound baths in New York in 2018 and instantly got hooked on crystal bowls and their healing power, which lead me to start my own practise in a studio in London named BLOK. I just moved to Denmark in January 2020 and am excited to continue spreading the healing power of sound baths and meditation. 
  • Facilitation of sound baths and meditation - and I love to explore the powerful shifts and transformation we create in collaboration with the sound.
  • My classes are characterized by peace and contemplation within the sound, ourselves and each other as a part of the room.
  • Besides playing my instruments in class I focus on breathing and mindfulness.
  • Everyone is welcome, and you don't have to be "skilled" within sound, music or chanting. My classes are informal and open to everyone.
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