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Your contribution

As a student of ours you are very welcome to send us your yoga story. Answer some of the questions we have asked our students on this page, or send your own, short reflection - preferably together with a photo - to . We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. 


Our students are a wonderful and multifarious mixture: Women and men, younger and older, students, employees, self-employed and life artists, some stiff and some flexible, singles, sweethearts and married people - and we cherish each and everyone and learn from them all.


Here - and around our website - you can meet some of them. Maybe they will inspire you to enter the world of yoga? We are sure that you will never regret that you got started. And we look forward to welcoming you.


Christine and Miranda are international students; see more profiles of our lovely Danish students (in Danish).



Christine, 42 years, marketing director, lives in Lyngby.
What is yoga to you? Connecting with myself.
Why do you practice yoga? Benefits to mind, body and soul
What makes you continue practicing yoga? I love it!
How is yoga different from other physical practices to you? It brings me peace and happiness after every class.
Has yoga changed you? Yoga has allowed me to accept my limitations but keep striving for more.
What insights have you had through yoga? Yoga means different things to different people, learn to understand and accept differences.
Does the yoga philosophy and outlook on life mean anything to you? Accepting what life brings and being open to those around us. Like yoga, learn to love life!

  Miranda, 35 years, attorney, lives in Christianhavn.
How long have you practiced yoga? Approx. 1 year.
How often do you practice yoga? When I am not travelling, about 2 times a week.
What is yoga to you? A practice of harmony - physically and mentally.
Why do you practice yoga? Fitness and stress-relief.
What makes you continue practicing yoga? I can see benefits of the practice when done more regularly.
Is yoga anything but a physical practice to you? It was at first, but when I get the chance to do it more regularly I get a good glimpse of the potential mental benefits.
Favorite yoga posture? Tree pose.
Yoga in a few words? Practice of harmonic body and soul.
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